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PROFESSIONAL, CREATIVE, CLEAN and DEPENDABLE — these define the brand of excellence Art City Tattoo offers you. We are your trusted name in custom tattooing services rendered by award-winning artists. We have private rooms and welcome walk-ins. WITH US, TATTOOS ARE NOT JUST INK ON YOUR SKIN; THEY ARE A MASTERPIECE!

Art City Seeking New Artist

Art City Tattoo is looking for a highly qualified local artist. Spanish speaking capability is a plus. Skilled professionals should call Travis for an appointment at 801-270-8282, Tuesday-Friday, 12:00PM-8:00PM.

Creating Your Perfect Tattoo

Group Photo of Art City Tattoo Artists

Art City Tattoo, established in Salt Lake City in 2005, features artists who have all worked together since as early as 1995 and have all established themselves as respected artists in Salt Lake City. Each has their own loyal followers who span over much of the Intermountain West as well as locally. Each are responsible, talented artists with their own distinctive, innovative and diverse style and are able to help you design your tattoo just like you want it—or even better!

Art City Tattoo practices rigid sterilization techniques. The most current and proven sterilization methods are used in addition to providing new needles for every customer and disposable ink dispensers. You will be at ease in your own private room with our professional, courteous and congenial artists. Custom tattoos and creative cover-ups are our specialties.

Custom tattoos allow you to more aptly express your personal creativity. Design, size and placement of the tattoo, as well as the subject matter are all important factors to consider when choosing a tattoo. You may want help in choosing a design that best expresses YOU. At Art City Tattoo, our artists will work with you to help in every aspect of the creation you desire. You will receive top quality art work at a competitive and affordable price! We think you will be pleased with our rates; our work speaks for itself. Bring in your own design or idea, or choose from our huge design selection. You are invited to come in and check out the artists’ portfolios, observe our techniques and prepare for an enjoyable experience. Remember, you must be 18 or older to receive a tattoo. We will tattoo 17 year olds with parental consent and attendance and must have positive ID from both. Contact us to give you a quote for your tattoo.


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